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Vizhen – Digital Twin Managment Software 

Digital Twin

Create a full digital twin of any built environment and view it all in 3D in less than 24HR. Vizhens digital twin acts as you base to all your facilities needs.

Communication tool

 Use Vizhen’s video conferencing tool to communicate about changes, new developments or potential maintenance. Create efficiencies in communication lines to remotely manage your facility or business.     

Training Tool

Re-create your digital twin into a complete training tool to up-skill existing and or new employees on equipment in your facility or show them processes that you implement in your building before they even visit in person. Alternatively host remote site inductions in the construction and pharmaceutical industries.      

Fast & Accurate Data Capture

Take advantage of Vizhen’s fast and accurate data capture allowing you access to Floor Plans, Ceiling Plans, Unlimited 4K photography, Video documentation and point cloud capture enabling accurate BIM modelling and DWG files.      

Facilities Management

Embed any information from your building into Vizhen’s digital twin to track all of your assets as well as being able to manage your facility from anywhere remotely and efficiently from any device. 

Virtual Staging

Virtual stage your facility with furniture,  new piece of equipment or any other object for that matter. Test fit new manufacturing equipment, change furniture layouts, plan COVID-19 spaces all virtually and remotely.

Facilities Tourism

Reduce footfall to your facilities by facilitating visits remotely increasing efficiency of your building and reducing distractions. 

Security & Privacy

Only allow the people you want to have access to your digital twin with password protected tours and configurable permissions allowing for fine control on what indivduals have access to as a viewer and or editor.






Vizhen is the one stop shop software for all of your built environment needs from asset tracking to industrial tourism Vizhen has a solution.

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Vizhen allows you the control you need over your facility and gives you the ability to manipulate it quickly and easily.

See how Vizhen can change your business



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