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2d floor plans

Gain access to accurate 2D floor plans in both colour and standard format. Delivered In under 72 hours thanks to incredible infrared and laser technology.

ceiling plans

Ceiling plans can at first seem an odd thing to offer but withmore and more new builds Opting for exposed ceilings allowing for accessto HVAC and other M&E facilities ceilingplans can and are extremely useful.


Gain access to stunning 3D floor plans showing off your stunning new build, retrofit or existing layout! Get in touch with us today to find out more.


Vizhen’s 3D tour video allows our clients to show off their 3D tour without giving full access to the Vizhenportal software as well as being a superb tool in advertising marketing and much more. Check out some of our videos here!


With Vizhen plan, prepare and change layouts of COVID-19 office spaces or any spaces for that matter, Vizhen makes preperation for space management around COVID easy.

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