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Vizhen’s revolutionary software allows users to explore their digital twin as if they were there in person. Our clients now have the ability to completely control their buildings from anywhere in the world remotely, in combination with our IoT infrastructure and Vizhen’s digital twin allows for quick management of mass buildings remotely revolutionizing the built environment.


Explore your digital twin as if you were there in person

  • Explore your digital twin as if you were there in person.
  • Navigate freely around your digital twin
  • Make spatial decisions remotely
  • Make live comparisons from true to life to the digital twin
  • All in beautiful 4K resolution
  • View from multiple points like our doll house view, floor plan view and more

embed and measure

Do more than just explore. Create accurate measurements on the fly allowing for real time space management remotely. Also embed anything from PDF O&M’s to full AutoCad or AutoDesk 360 files directly into your digital twin

  • Make measurements from anywhere

  • Add tags to allow for easy access to important documentation, training videos, drawing files and more

  • Vizhens digital twin also allows you to embed real time IoT data such as temperature, occupancy indoor air quality and more 

access all your buildings from the one place

No more searching for information its all in Vizhen!

  • Have buildings all around the world? Access them all from one place remotely all at the same time!

  • Need information  from a building hours away? Access it in just one click

modify user access

With Vizhen we give you the ability to populate your digital twin to the way YOU want it! Don’t rely on your digital twin provider to populate your digital twin! Give your employees / visitors the access you want them to have.

  • Allow for edit or view only access

  • Create a secure password before entering the tour to protect your data

  • Want to edit how much an editor can edit? No problem!

  • Only want your viewer to view certain aspects of your digital twin?

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